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What is a balance transfer?

Debts have become a struggle for many households. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a recession that is sweeping across the globe. More and more people are finding themselves with more credit card debt than money in savings. The reality is that it is taking longer for most people, especially cardholders, to pay their debts. This […]

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Blaze Mastercard Review

Do you have little or no credit history? Do you have a poor credit rating? Having a low credit score can be as frustrating as it is inconveniencing. With a low credit score, it can be almost impossible to get a loan, rent an apartment, or even land a job. Woe unto you if you […]

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How to check your credit card score

Your credit score is what determines your creditworthiness. Simply put, creditworthiness defines how deserving you are of credit. A lender considers you as being creditworthy if it is convinced that you will honor your debt obligations in a timely fashion. To avoid a conflict of interest, lenders don't evaluate their clients' creditworthiness on their own. […]

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